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Hey everyone, want a sig ?

2007-12-20 20:27:04 by Dalario

Hey everyone, want a sig or a profile picture/banner ?

I make them, just comment in this news and I'll make you one... try to include a description of what you want in it ! (Like color, provide pictures if you want me to use one, the font) or just let me to it from scratch !

For those free signatures I ask only one things, try to put a link to my profile or my name in the text part of your signature.

Edit: This thing is up and running again !
*/!\*Edit: Since I don't go around here ofter, PM me if you want to make a request (or make it here and notify me by PM that you have made a request. */!\*

Exemples: [1,2,3]

Edit: I'm really lazy, so I probably won't make you a sig unless I find the request interesting or I'm really bored.


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2007-12-20 20:40:24

Can I have a sig?

Color: A green like in the neutral aura.
Everything else I just want it to have something to do with platypuses. Oh and my name in the bottom right.

If possible could you PM me when it's done?

Dalario responds:

Sure, will do my best but I got a few requests before you so it may take at a day or two before I got the time to make it, but hopefully I'll have more time with the holidays !


2008-01-27 22:04:05

If you'd be so kind, please??

I would like it to be black, with Me Mighty Leper in gothic/Germanic/Ye-Olde-English text, maroon/very dark red. If possible I'd like flames and two big red eyes like the Disturbed guy on the cover of their Ten Thousand Fists album.

I'm real crap at this kind of thing, and although I can draw with a pencil, I find it hard to do anything artistic on a computer.

Dalario responds:

Sure, will start to work on it ASAP.


2008-04-14 03:52:46

Could I have one with a nice border, a background similar to Xavons, and toungeofshoe written a gothic style font? Please make the background monochromatic and the writing stylish and black. Remember not to misspell my name please. Thanks!


2008-04-27 15:33:50

Wee !

I'd like a sig.
''Transparent'' (newgrouds grey) background.
Kokojo on the far left, with a good style in it.
A little ''Fleur de lys'' in the middle.
And then ''Magi legacy written on the far right

Thanks, koko.


2008-05-05 22:35:37

hey look at my BBS post and look at my sig, could you make a better one? pleeeeeeeeeeeeease?


2008-05-05 22:38:47

and you banner and pic i want one like that but a evil aura background and the guy is sombody who looks like me heres a pic of my in the adress below 8/74291_04-13-08_1411.jpg
im the one in the army shirt the other one is my brother


2008-05-05 22:39:10



2008-08-27 11:16:18

Can you make me a few,I am making an online game and would like sigs for the different things.Like 1 for admin,1 for mod and one for VIP.I know this is a big order but if you would like to then great.
The game is called"The Void"
If you need anymore info just PM me.


2009-11-22 19:09:34

Can I have a sig please,
I'll be your best fweind.